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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

....gone fishing

{{part three of my old pictures just discovered}}

One weekend Mike & I took the girls down to Lake Jacomo. The odd name Jacomo is from Jackson (JA) County (CO) Missouri (MO). Anyways, it's a manmade lake... HUGE! We took the girls to the place where we could feed the fish.

Madison feeding the fish. Imagine all these fish saying:

"FEED ME!! no, feed ME! No, it's MY turn to be fed!"

It was enough to freak someone out.. let's just leave it at that!

and this old picture of the girls & I. Gosh, my girls were so little then.

I had one of Mike & the girls actually fishing, but I guess the age of the film got to it b/c it was ALL fuzzy...

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