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Monday, March 15, 2010

... finally! A new bedspread!

Over 8 years ago, we bought a new bedroom set. I bought what I thought at the time was the most beautiful bedspread in the world. Purple & sage green was THE "in" thing at the time.

I bought it a week before Madison was born.
My bedroom set was delivered while I was in the hospital.

Flash forward 8 years. Eight LONG years.

We've desperately needed a new bedspread after 8 years. It has been drawn on by a pink marker, puked on, peed on (all by kids, mind you). It was an eyesore. Mike made the bed one day, and something TORE!! Hallelujah! Time for a new bedspread!

However... his style and my style are SO different!
This is what Mike suggested when we walked around Bass Pro Shop one day.
Ummm... yeah. NO! I don't know if he actually was kidding about that or not, or if he was serious, but no way in H-E-double hockey sticks are we getting camo bedding!

I've been wanting a deep chocolate brown bedding for awhile, so I can change up my pillows (burgandy! White! Turquoise! Pink?!!) and throws as the season changes.
Funny enough, Mike agreed with me.

So, announcing my new bedspead (well, it's a quilt and it doesn't keep me very warm at night. I'm always shivering). It came with a white sheet set, but I seem to like my burgandy sheet set better anyways with this. The cherry colored pillow were a steal at Target for only $12.99 a set!

Now it's off to find some decent pictures to go OVER our bed. I want the Eiffel Tower in Sepia. Mike hates Paris. See our problem? And why I'll never make it to Paris?


  1. Cuuuute!! I love that colors you chose! So nice! I have to agree the camo is so wrong.

  2. What company makes camo bedding? I love the new bedding you chose....and doesn't it go well with your indian portrait??

  3. a new bedroom set. How fun! :) Post pictures of it.

  4. Very cute! I'm trying to convince my hubby to let me put some color in our room, but he has reservations since I painted the living room bright green!

  5. Amy! Long time, no visit! Love the new spread - - and love the deal you got it for, too! :)

  6. LOL-- ok I read your title first and scrolled down to see the bedspread and saw Mikes pic first without reading. hahah-- you can imagine what I was thinking. I kept saying those must be plants or something I cant make out--right??

    but I love the new spread. Fab pic..


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