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Thursday, March 25, 2010

... first time I tried to be a photographer, but in film

This is the last day of showing off pictures from the old age. Like 4 years ago "old age".

I took Mike's old Canon and tried to take some pictures of Katie in black & white film.

What cracked me up is Madison dressed herself up as well in a dress, {Katie had her baptism dress on}, and after I was done with Katie, she plopped herself down as Katie did and said
"Mommy, picture of me! Picture of MEEEE Momma!"

The lil' stinker....
of course, I obliged, but she got bored of her little session and ran off to play.


  1. So cute! The first day of school pic with Maddie's red rimmed eyes is so sad and that fish pic is just gross lol. I hate fish.

  2. How cute! I am loving all these pictures!


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