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Sunday, March 14, 2010

...lessons learned from lying

A few weeks ago, I caught Maddie in a lie.
Ooh, she got in trouble.
Problem was, she didn't think much of it.
So I had to think of a clever way to punish her.
Taking away the TV, computer time and other things doesn't seem to faze her.

So I did what the teachers back in the 1800's did.
Make their students write on a chalkboard "I will not......" over & over & over again.
Only she had a more modern way of doing it. On paper. By hand.

Not kidding you, but you would've thought I was sentencing her to die.
Oh.. the wails! The tears! The head was on the table. The sobs!
Teardrops fell on the paper.
I told her to use her best handwriting.
She did. She lived.
She also learned a very important lesson while writing "I will not lie" over & over & over again.

I asked her when she was done
"so, what did you learn?"
sniffing away, she said
"I learned it's wrong to lie"

Afterwards, Momma gave her a snack & a glass of milk and
hugged on her for a bit while she sniffed away. A nice talk reminded Maddie
why it's wrong to lie. Momma's know everything....


  1. I might need to give this a try!

  2. Andrea does need to, she has a terrible lying habit! hah!

    This is actually a common punishment in the UK still. We call them "lines" and I've had to do them once.

  3. I once had to write a 300 word essay about why lying was wrong. I still don't lie to my parents about anything lol

  4. Nice job! This might be just what I needed in my arsenal!

  5. My Mom made me do those ALL the time when I was a kid!! Except mine where more like, "Honesty is a virtue I need to learn." My parents never let anything be simple. They wanted me to SUFFER. :)

  6. Clever!! I will have to remember that one for future use. Time outs dont seem to phase P lady anymore so I can only imagine what I will have to do later on.


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