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Monday, March 22, 2010

..... the preschool gradution

Several years ago, my Mom, Grandma & I went on a cruise. We had an enjoyable time. {well, until my grandma had a heart attack ON the cruise... then it wasn't so enjoyable} Mike & my dad held down the fort with the girls while I was gone. Papa Rod came over to get Maddie & Katie from school after his work was done.... and they had dinner with Mike. I think they had a good time. Until Katie got her eye jabbed by a flying pencil. And Mike was called to take her straight to the ER. That also happened to be the night Madison was graduating from preschool.

And I WASN'T THERE! Oh, the pain of not being there for my baby's preschool graduation!!

My mother in law made Madison beautiful that night {dressed her, did her hair, put a beautiful necklace on her}..... I'm so grateful for that.

Mike & Katie got to the graduation ceremony just in time.... and someone managed to snap pictures of this beautiful night, but I haven't seen them until now.

cue: Pomp & Circumstance
{that didn't sound right... what IS that song?}

still no smile

Congratulations... after ALL your hard work of coloring, cutting, learning how to stand in line, and being nice to each other, you have officially graduated from preschool

Ahh... food. Food always makes it better.

oh, and Katie's eye? Yeah, Mike decided to have NO ONE tell us about the eye injury while we were on the cruise. Didn't want to freak me out. Everything was OK though.


  1. Oh my gosh she is SO adorable!! What a super crazy trip though. So many emergencies and things going on all in one week. I am loving these flashbacks.

  2. Your cruise was that long ago! Crazy. I remember you posting about it like it was yesterday!

  3. I loved seeing the graduation pictures! I'll have to look for old cameras to see if I have film - that's a good project! Who knows, I could have some from when you were a teenager. LOL Mom


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