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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

... look how they've grown!!

I can't get over how many changes one can take place in an 7 year old! It just amazed me to go back and see just how little & skinny she really was!!

This was the first day of school for Katie. This was in 2005 (almost FIVE years ago!). She was starting second grade here. I think. I always take a first day of school picture of my girls.

This picture just cracked me up & tore at my heart at the same time. Maddie must've been crying, and yet was tugging at her big sister's arm like "don't LEAVE me!"

Seeing the backdrop of our old house brought back so many wonderful memories. I loved our "Thomas Kincade" cottage.... truly beautiful.


  1. Oh Maddie is so heartbreakingly cute in that last picture!


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