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Monday, May 10, 2010

... THE concert of the year

It came.
We went.
We saw.
The end.

Wait.. you really think I'd stop right there?!! No way!! I have a bunch of stuff to tell y'all about this night! Melissa picked me up at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon. Concert starts at 5:30, so we figured we'd have plenty of time to make it to the Alamodome. Could we have been any more wrong? We were SO wrong! We sat in traffic for at least an hour and 20 minutes. Yep... every highway in America was feeding into our lane. It got so bad at one point that this teenage girl got right up and asked "can we merge?" (they had JUST gotten there!), and I shook my head and said "No." Melissa laughed her head off. She did plenty of "NO" herself too. But we were nice here and there. No worries..... we were still Christlike. When we wanted to be.

We get up close, and we see "ALL PARKING IS FULL". Crap. So we start driving around downtown trying to find a parking spot. We see a guy go into a garage, and it looks like it might be a little empty! so we go too! Only.. you have to have, like, a card to get in?! I had to get out and move people along so Melissa could back out. ::beep beep::

We finally find a spot. TEN stinking blocks away... Whew! Cowboys walking with their girls in short shorts with cowboy boots on, so we followed them in the direction they were going. We felt pretty safe walking with all these cowboys. By the time we get there, it's almost 5 to 7:00!! Ugh! We catch the last song of Leann Womack "I Hope You Dance"... beautiful. We were also SO incredibly hot & sweaty. It was a pretty hot day out there. Melissa brought me a cowboy hat to wear, and I wore it in the car, until the last 15 minutes my head was sweating and screaming "get this hat off!" Melissa was a trouper and wore her hat almost the whole night.

see how hot & sweaty I was?! My hair fell b/c I wore a hat first! Then walked 10 miles in the heat!

So we find our seats. FIVE rows from the top. Wahoo!! We sit down. I notice I am sitting next to a 20 year old boy who is spitting into a water bottle. It's brown stuff he's spitting. Oh, lovely! He chews!! GAG! Not judging.... But we became fast friends. I found out that he had been there since 4:00 (wasn't he smart?!).. and paid $25 to get into the Alamodome parking (we only paid $5, but we also parked a mile or was it 10 miles? away)... and he lived 6 hours away too! He was also nice enough to get up and dance with us when a good song came on. So, he's a good kid.
Even though he chews.

While waiting for Reba, this mariachi (all female, I might add) played... some mariachi music. I waited for La Cucharacha from the Wiggles. That's the ONLY Spanish song I know. I never did hear it. Bummer. They played between the sets.... and by the time George was supposed to come on, they were getting booed off the stage.

Reba came on, and boy did she DAZZLE! Amazing lady! Gorgeous! She also got into character from her show Reba, and Barbara Jean (the new host of Singing Bee) came out ...
she was HILARIOUS!

More mariachi after Reba was done.


The MAN of the night.


He was so gorgeous. I might add there were a ton of women there. We were all brandishing our binoculars (I should have just glued mine to my eyes the whole night b/c I'm such a nerd like that). Little old grandma who sat in front of us had her binoculars too! I also found out exactly HOW much Texans love Texas. They love it a lot. George had slide show of all things Texas, and did the crowd go wild? Yep... they sure did. George loves Texas too!

We also had... THE drunk cowboy in our section. This guy was our entertainment. I have NO clue how much he drank (it was a lot), but he & his other cowboy buddies sat next to this group of girls who were obviously having a GNO (girls night out..). This one cowboy hit on the girl next to him ALL.NIGHT.LONG! At one point, during Heartland, he started doing a LAP DANCE on her! Whoa cowboy! Then he did the fake yawn with elbows in the air, and plop it around her shoulders. Smooth.... We were ALL laughing our heads off watching this dude.

Melissa & I had a great time. We were starving to death by the time it was over. Five hours is too long for a concert. Course, we missed almost an hour and a half of it (and two acts)..... and who wants to walk ALL the way down the steps and wait in a LONG line just for nachos?! We left before he was done, and walked a mile (or 10) back to the car. By this time, I realized I had blisters on the bottom of my feet. Darn flip flops.... We were so tired. George had the effect of putting me into la la land with his smooth & amazing voice. We went from "WAHOOOO" with Reba to "zzzzzzz" with George because he was just so calm.

All in all... wonderful night. Kind of sucked that we were so late, but who knew that the Alamodome would reach 55,000 people, the most they'd ever have... ever?!


  1. it was so much fun! george was the best. wooooooo!

  2. What a fun night! That poor girl getting hit on during a fun girls night out.


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