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Friday, May 14, 2010

...flashback friday... CANDY!

Months ago, I wrote this blog post about candy.

I forgot some candy that I loved growing up.

Anything cinnamon... I absolutely LOVE!

I bought these Cinnamon Disks a bunch for Mike when we were living in Missouri. He loves anything cinnamon as well. Interesting though.. he doesn't like the spice cinnamon, especially on his apple pie. I'm missing these candies b/c I can't find them anywhere here in Texas. Bummer... {mom! Bring me some from Missouri!}
I used to buy the Jolly Rancher's cinnamon sticks.
I can't find them anymore, so I buy the little Jolly Rancher's Fire.
I also loved the Cinnamon Bears. I can't find them anymore.

and finally... one of the phases I went through and I remember BEGGING my mom to help me find the cinnamon oil I needed... was CINNAMON TOOTHPICKS!

I used to love those things.

Hot Tamales for some reason weren't much of my thing. Funny story: a year ago a bunch of us gals went to the movies for a girls night out. One friend came in bearing a HUGE bucket of popcorn. I said "y'know what would be good with that? M&M's". She said "No, Hot Tamales are better". I seriously had a blonde moment & thought "Huh? Tamales (like the mexican food tamales?)? Well.. how is that good with popcorn? Do they cut it up really small or something?" Samantha looked at me and laughed.... she said "NO! The cinnamon candy Hot Tamales!"

Of course, if anyone wants to shower me with any of this cinnamon goodness, I'll forever be your friend. I can't find any of my favorite candy anymore. I'm lucky enough to find the Jolly Rancher Fire at the grocery store!


  1. Hey...they sell the cinnamon teddy bears at bass pro shop. take care

  2. or for the cinnamon bears, I always find them in the bins at the grocery stores... and my brother was REALLY into cinnamon toothpicks in high school, that was a flashback for sure!


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