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Monday, May 31, 2010

...swim like a fish

Maddie joined a swim team this year. Katie's doing the swim thing as well, but just as exercise & to learn how to swim better. I have to say I think they're coming along swimmingly! ha!

Last Saturday was Maddie's very first swim meet! Since she's still considered a beginner, she only knows the freestyle & backstroke. She's learning the breaststroke, but for the first meet, she competed in the freestyle relay, freestyle, backstroke, and some relay in which 4 of them all do something different. Kind of blanking on what the term is called...

Anyways, they had little things for the kids to dive off of, and Miss Maddie wasn't used to that at all! Granted, most of her dives are belly flops, but to watch her attempt to dive off a higher surface was kind of funny, and cute at the same time!

She did an awesome job!! Her freestyle relay her team received 2nd place!! Her other swims received FIRST place!! Way to go Miss Maddie!!

Miss M is in the middle lane.....

After it was all over & done, and from being there from 8 in the morning to 12:30 in the afternoon, we were a little hot and just plain exhausted! Not to mention broke. Apparently the concession stands are going to break me this month.


  1. How great! We just finished up with swim lessons and decided not to do them in the summer because of scheduling problems. The team was disappointed because Zoe can do the backstroke well even though she's only five. They wanted her as a ringer in the meets, LOL!

  2. Awesome Maddie!! Congratulations!

  3. you're right - I should have taken photos from THAT side of the pool! Lookin' good, Maddie!

  4. Good for her, thats great! I had no idea she was interested in swimming..


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