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Friday, May 21, 2010

...flashback friday... TV Shows!

I am so glad I have Chuck to watch this year. It's a pretty clean show filled with a super di duper cute guy (aka Zachary Levi), about spies, romance, and a super hilarious roomate. My family LOVES Chuck every Monday night.

It also got me thinking back to the shows that I watched growing up. We didn't watch Saturday morning cartoons growing up so I don't know much about those shows. I did love to watch Smurfs, the Jetsons & the Flintstones!

Last night while watching Glee, Neil Patrick Harris comes on, and I was immediately whisked back to my Doogie Howser, MD days. Oh wow... Doogie was a huge cutie back then. I can still hear that melody of the theme song, and of course, that sad melody that plays at the end of the show and he types on his dinosaur computer.

Loved Ricky on Silver Spoons. Was slightly jealous of all his cool toys and super cool train he had in his house.

I also loved the Cosby Show. Dr Huxtable was hilarious.

I remember every week my dad watched Cheers. And M*A*S*H.

Ahh... Michael Keaton. Family Ties? Yep.... looking back I wonder why all us girls had such a huge crush on Michael Keaton.

Same goes for Growing Pains. LOVED Growing Pains!

And Alf!! Who could forget Alf?!! and The A Team! and Knight Rider! Everyone needs a car like Kit! and Greatest American Hero {sing it w/ me: Believe it or Not I'm running away}

Roseanne! Saved by the Bell!

Eight is Enough! Brady Bunch! The Flying Nun!! The Facts of Life!!
{{OK, these were actually aired before my time, and probably were reruns when I was a kid...}}

Who's the Boss!! Gotta love Tony & Sam!

Then when the '90s came along.. it was Beverly Hills 90210. Is it sad that I remember Beverly Hill's zip code, but can't remember my old zip code just two years ago?
Can't forget Ally McBeal. I'm really not going to bother listing what I watched in the '90's b/c it's just too long of a list.

in short....
I watched too much TV growing up!


  1. I <3 Growing Pains!!! I used to have all the episodes with Leonardo DiCaprio on a tape(my how I still heart that face!!!).

    We're huge Chuck fans, too, but I'm extra because of a pair of earrings that have shown up twice. They're lia sophia, so it makes me giddy. I want them so bad!! I call them the Chuck earrings now. :D

  2. I love Chuck! I don't watch it on Mondays because my TV is crap, but I love Hulu. :) I gotta say I didn't watch much tv growing up and a lot of it was the Disney channel. :)

  3. Oh I loved Growing Pains. I wanted to marry Kirk......

  4. I still remember 90210 too:)--hahah. I even still watch that show when its on soap net sometimes--LOL


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