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Friday, June 18, 2010

how I accomplished a miracle

A miracle happened in our family.
A few weeks ago.

My girls fight. They bicker. I mean, HELLO?!! That's why my blog is appropriately titled
I get sick of the fighting.
At least they don't physically fight...
but tears do come out of one child that is going to be left nameless.

Years ago, when we lived in Missouri, we had a law about when children could sit in the front seat. I think it was 27 years old. Yep.... OK, it wasn't. I really thought it was 12 years old, but then I realized it was some of my friends' rule for their own family (and for their sanity, I found out later). So, I used the "you have to be 12 before you sit up front with me in the car" rule too.

Then I caved. Katie started sitting up front with me when she was 10, maybe 11? Maddie still sat in a booster seat (occasionally), and was fine with the backseat b/c she was underage. Then, SOMEONE who is male in our family and shall be left nameless said Maddie could sit in the front seat. Oh.My.GOODNESS!

The fighting over the front seat started.
Every.Single.Time.We.Get.In.The.Car..... they fought over whose turn it was.
Good thing I wear hearing aids!
{turns out, Texas law states a child has to be 8 to sit in the front}

I would say "OK, Katie gets it first, and we have to go to this place, and that place, etc... and when we get to this place, Maddie gets the front". That worked... until Maddie got a little too smart for me. She started counting how many trips & errands we were making. It wasn't EVEN! Augh. Talk about waterworks in the car for that time!

I was at my wits end.
Then, a lightbulb moment came to me.
I love lightbulb moments.
I don't have enough of them.
I said "one of you gets the even days, and the other gets the odd days"
and I went on "when we are in the car, if it's an even day, the person who has the even days gets to ride in the front ALL day long."
Oh, let the Hallelujah chorus start!

Then we forgot who had the even days...
and who had the odd days.
If I was smarter... I would've told the kid who had the odd day birthday to take the odd days, and the kid who had the even day birthday to take the even days. But I wasn't smart. Now, I remember that it's the opposite.

And there's no more fighting in my car.
Thank you very much!

and that is how a miracle happened in our family....
Well, in my car, specifically, but who's being technical?


  1. You, my friend, are a genius. I will remember this for when my kids get older. Right now they fight over, toys, food, and parent time. *sigh* The fighting NEVER ends.


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