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Thursday, June 24, 2010

my birthday cake

When we moved to Texas almost two years ago, there were a lot of changes had to make.
New location.
New friends.
New everything!

Fortunately, I found some amazing friends when we moved here.
One of these friends is a very talented lady (well, I have many friends who are all so talented!, but today we'll talk about one of them). She is an amazing baker. She is my bishop's wife... LEISA! Now, I have no clue if she reads my blog or if she even KNOWS my blog exists, but I'll brag on her a bit.

Months after we moved into town, I made friends. One of my friends had a birthday and let me try out her cake... a cake she said the bishop's wife made. I.WAS.IN.LOVE!! Oh man, it was four layers of absolute heaven! There was chocolate coming every which way! There was orange flavoring in the frosting! It was DIVINE!!

So, what did I do? I braved up, and walked up to her one Sunday and said "umm... I loved your cake. Can you teach me how to make it?" and she said "YOU BET!" So I went to her house one late morning and she taught me. She explained how she got into baking because her only daughter wanted to learn.... and learn they did!
She told me tricks and tips about baking and I took notes.

She also said "do you want to be on my cake calendar?"
I need to learn my manners b/c I said "YESSSSS!" and I got to take that cake she made home w/ me that afternoon! And I got a cake for my birthday last year too!
and this year... I got another cake!

You tell me.... wouldn't you fall in love?


  1. That is a birthday staple! What would we ever do if we moved away...or worse if Leisa moved?

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your chocolate heaven.

  2. My mouth is watering! PERFECTION. Happy Birthday!

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. You are so lucky!!! That cake looks divine.

  4. Amy, I am so glad you have such great friends when you are so far away from family! That cake looks so good I am about to open a candy bar and eat it, but I know it wont satisfy me after seeing that! LOL..

  5. OH that cakes looks so yummy!!!

  6. Wow, that cake looks good! I need to find a baker friend to make me a cake for my birthday! (Happy Birthday, by the way)


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