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Sunday, June 20, 2010

my newest favorite series!!

Months ago I received an email from my sister in law Tiffany. She wrote about a new series of books that she just LOVED! Anything that she reads, I know it's going to be a pretty good read, so I put it on my "TO READ" list!

When swim team season started up, I found I had LOADS of time to read! I finished books I had started... I reread a few books..... and I remembered I needed to read this series Tiffany recommended to me!

So, what is this series?

This series starts with a book called Enchanted, Inc. It's written by Shanna Swendson... and so far there are four books total in this series. It's funny. It's heart tugging. It's fantastical! It's basically a modern day fairy tale complete with Harry Potter type of magic, and it's SO good!

Saly, my library only carried book 1 & 4 (what library does that?!) but I remembered my used book store I frequent had book 2, so I skedaddled over that way to plop down $6.98 on a book. Then I was ready for book 3! Thankfully, my friend Kim had the same problem as I did, and had books 2-4! Thanks Kim for letting me read it! I'll return them as soon as I read them again!

I just have to say that the Owen Palmer & Katie Chandler love is just too funny.

One incredibly shy wizard who is literally drop dead gorgeous
+ a Texas gal who is immuned to all forms of magic
= disaster waiting to strike,
but yet tugs at the heart when you are literally pulling for them to recognize that they literally are NUTS for each other!

I also have to say the titles of the books are hilarious!
Book two is Once Upon Stilettos
Book 3 is Damsel under Stress
and book 4 .. love this one: Don't Hex with Texas!!

I read on Shanna's website that book 5 may or may not happen.... if there isn't much demand for books, then there's no deal for book 5... and well, you know how it all works for authors. :( So, do me a favor and go buy her books (or request them from the library) & SPREAD THE WORD! Maybe, just maybe, she'll do book 5!


  1. A book 5? Really? Eek! I <3 Owen!

  2. That's funny- I bought book one at DI a couple months ago, but hadn't started reading it yet because I had no idea if it was going to be good or not. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I will be looking for those books..

  4. happy early B day:) I will have to add those books to my reading list. I love a good, fun book! :)


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