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Thursday, June 3, 2010

...this girl

A few things happened this week that deserves a post ALL BY ITSELF! The one thing everything that happened has in common?

Last Sunday Katie gave a talk in church about the Articles of Faith. She did a great job!

Katie had an awards ceremony at school.... and all we knew was "show up, she's getting a 'J' award". We go "a WHAT award?" So, I showed up. All kids who either got: Perfect Attendance, A/B Honor Roll, A Honor Roll, a nomination for the Principal's Award, among other things. Katie managed to get ALL A's for first semester, but this last semester, she got one B! Otherwise, she would've made the A Honor Roll! Still pretty darn proud of her though!

Anyways, she was also nominated for the Principal's Award!! Which only 7 girls total were nominated (plus 15 boys or something like that). She didn't win though, but still amazing that she was nominated by a teacher for this award!

Last night we had a really rocking thunderstorm that swept through the city. It was Scu-ARY! By the time Maddie & I got home from Achievement Girls, Katie & Mike had all our candles lit. I was starving (Maddie & I were supposed to go out for dinner together, but we had to cancel due to 60+ mph wind + rain + severe lightning). So, I made a sandwich for both of us, and poured a Sprite. Katie came over and pointed at my Sprite which was in a clear glass.
"Whoa! How did you get water?!"

I'm staring at her.....

"Katie, you can get water out of the faucet"

"huh? But... but.... the power is out!"

"Katie.... turn the water on."

the expression on her face was a classic. Hysterical. She thought it was the funniest thing ever. Apparently she thought when we lose power, we lose our water too. ::snort::

Another few irks of this girl that drives me crazy but I love her to death:

~ can't stand onions in her food ~but she loves onion rings

~ can't stand salsa most of the time b/c it's TOO hot
~ but loves her jalapeno poppers

~is the messiest kid in Texas... she can't pick up her clothes to save her life

and finally.... such an absolute sweetheart, who is the biggest helper a mother could ever ask for. She's doing such a great job jumping up and taking care of things before I even ask!

Love you Katie! So proud of all you've accomplished & have done!



  1. I love proud mama posts! You are so blessed.

  2. good job Kate!!!!! ;)
    My Jakob hates tomatos, but loves pizza with lots of tomatos sauce..

  3. I am rolling over the water and no electricity. So funny. Tell Katie thats ok, I didn't know (for the longest time) that pickles and cucumbers are the same thing! LOL....

  4. She is an awesome girl!! Great job on all your accomplishments and nominations!!

    * I laughed myself silly at the no water comment. :)


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