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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the pros & cons of my life

I've been pondering lately...
and realize I'm a pro & con kind of gal.
I make decisions sometimes based on how many pros vs cons there are of the situation

Here are my thoughts lately:

Driving with kids in the front seat:
Pro: having someone to help me reach my lip gloss in my purse
Con: Someone else controls the radio,
taking away my favorite Bread song and replacing it with the infamous Immabe song....
{or as I call it: Bumblebee song}
Con: Two girls who fight over whose turn it is to sit in the front
Con: worrying about "what if we get in a wreck" and would said child be OK b/c she's in the front...

Obviously there are more cons, so having kids in the front seat is a BAD idea!

Participating in the Swim Team:
Plenty of reading time
It's a MAJOR "time sucker upper"... 4x a week is draining on this mom + a swim meet each weekend? UGH!
Pro: Good exercise for the girls
Con: It's open bar night for mosquitoes when I'm out at swim practice

found some great books to read! (more to come on that in a few days)
Library doesn't carry book 2 & 3 of series, but they do carry book 1 & 4...
Pro: Remembering that I love to read, and why did I get away from reading?
Oh yeah, I had kids.... that's why.

Can't seem to put my book down because I'm only 50 pages from the end, so I stay up TOO late reading, which makes me only get about 5 hours of sleep....

Finding a huge box of Key Lime Pie on a Stick at Costco:
Memories flood my mind remembering my cruise with my mom & grandma
and eating one of these in Key West

Pretty high in calories....
::oh well.... you only live once, right?!

Many more pro's & cons to come...
I'm tired, and I can only outweigh the pro's than the con's when it comes to sleep!


  1. Love your list of pros and cons. I especially love that key lime pie! YUMMY!

  2. I hope Mandi doesn't see you eating that key lime pie on a stick, she will cringe, I am sure of it! But on the flip side, I've never even seen those before and boy does it look GOOD! I'm going to have to look in my Costco freezer! lol!

  3. Okay, the Costco ones are just not as big! So that's a good thing, right? Mom

  4. Key Lime Pie , I am on my way to Costco ......


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