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Monday, May 2, 2011

Bestest Friends Ever

Maddie is going to miss her bestest friend Tressa when she moves in a month!

Thankfully the move is only two hours away, and I'm sure we'll meet up often to catch up!

Tressa came by our house for a bit before a church activity, and I took them outside to snap some cute pictures of them ... being typical Maddie & Tressa.  Laughs, snorts, giggles & all!





I printed out two 5x7 pictures of the last picture, and will put them both on a canvas with each girl's favorite color around it on the sides -- mod podge it all and bam!  You've got a gift!!  Complete that with a Best Friends necklace for each girl to take one side.


  1. Aww they are so cute. It's always sad when a friend moves away, but I am sure they will be able to keep in touch.

  2. You are too good, my friend. What are we going to do without you (and Maddie... and Katie... and Mike??!??).


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