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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Building a mother in laws quarters part 3

Mike came back from a very busy weekend last weekend... he was busy "going vertical."  That means, he put the frame up on the cabin!!  Wahoo!  Now I have a vision (kind of) of what it's going to look like!  I can never visualize anything when it comes to buildings or decorating -- Mike's the total dreamer in the family when it comes to that.  I just make my demands (window on all four sides, big porch, bathroom is a must, and I get to pick out the color of paint) He does the rest.

Sidenote:  I think I lost out on picking the color of paint too.... bummer. I wanted yellow, Katie wanted purple, Maddie said pink, and Mike said "Yeah, right....NO!" 

If you're following the progress of our cabin -- starting with the mother in law's quarters -- then let's pick up where we left off.

Mike spent all day on Friday & Saturday framing the cabin.  This is what it now looks like:


It's going to be 16 x 19 (or is it 18? I can't remember.....).  It will have a bathroom, a loft where two queen beds will be placed upstairs, laundry room, small kitchen & a living room area.  In the above picture, Mike keeps telling me that we are looking at the back of the cabin, but to me that's just stupid b/c it should really be the front of the cabin regardless of where it falls on the land.  My front door shouldn't be looking straight into a forest.  But, that's just my point of view...  He says/she says... tomato/tomatoh.... wash/warsh.... you get it.


This picture shows our pop up camper ==  we will be staying in this baby the next time we go up.  Mike tells me a very good night of sleep can be found in this baby.  I hope he's right.  Last weekend I slept on the floor at a museum, and a good night of sleep was NOT to be found.  I looked everywhere for it...  ;D


Mike told me what this thing is, but I just can't remember.  I'm sure it does something very important.


This is looking at our bathroom and laundry room.  The laundry room is going to be a closet (you can see the wood coming out a bit).  Our Jacuzzi tub is already waiting to be hooked up.  We have to get water on the land first... and a septic tank.  Ewww!  I'm so glad Mike & his buddy took the tub up b/c now I don't have to argue and say mean things at my husband as we try to haul it in the cabin.  Mike said it was HEAVY!  (remember my post on placing that telephone pole for electricity?  Yeah...)


Now, these things, I can tell you about!  Between the roof/wood -- those silver things are hurricane something.  OK, so I forgot the actual word, but I know the word hurricane is in the description.  Basically, it's to reinforce the wood together, so in hurricane type of winds, the wood won't fall apart (fly away?).

Sidenote:  I told Mike to blog about these projects, but he said "I don't blog."  So, you get me..... With me so far?  I barely am!


My beautiful Jacuzzi tub (with tires on it.... so redneck) .... the night before Mike left, he called me leaving the store telling me to come down and look at this Jacuzzi tub that was on the damaged racks (had a break in the side which was totally fixable) -- marked down to $200!!  (From $898).  He was on a job site and didn't want to buy it w/out me looking at it, so I drove down, looked at it, and bought it.  Told all the employees that my husband would be down the next morning to get it.  They put a SOLD sticker on it w/ his name ... and away I went.  The next morning, Mike showed up to pick it up, only to find that it was SOLD! and GONE!!  He was a little ticked ... but he walked away with a brand new Jacuzzi tub that morning.  Pretty happy about that!


This is looking up to the roof.  Mike made it a little higher, so that we could easily do two levels if we wanted to, but I really like the idea of a loft... so we're sticking with a loft.  Score one for Amy!

Stay tuned for more "building stories as understood by Amy" to come!!!


  1. Okay, that place is looking awesome. I am super impressed with how fast your husband has been doing this. Is this is profession? He's dang good it.

  2. WOW! I am super impressed! Tell Mike he is doing a sweet job. You guys are going to love it when its done. Sorry, I have been so bad at checking blogs lately. I just updated mine, its been a few months-:0

    Thanks so much for Laylas gift. She loves it!! so does P...LOL


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