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Friday, May 13, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

This past weekend I took a short, but much needed trip back home to Kansas City. 



Obviously, several posts will be needed to cover this entire trip!! 

I will start by going backwards, instead of forwards!!

I tried to get a window seat, hoping for a picture of the sunset on both my trips going TO Kansas City and coming home from Kansas City.  I finally managed to snap half of a sunset picture .....


I get nervous going on airplanes by myself.  First of all, I can't understand what in the heck they're saying on the intercom when they're announcing things.  I mean, they could be announcing that we're going to crash and burn on the plane, and I'm just sitting there reading my book, minding my own business....   The intercom system at airports and on the plane reminds me of Charlie Brown's teacher .. remember her?  Can't understand a single thing she said.

Another thing, is I love people watching.  People are flat out weird.  They dress weird. They act weird.  However, it kind of freaks me out when people watch ME!  Case in point....  I am sitting on the plane, and after asking this gal what in the world the flight attendant just said on the intercom, she said "Are you Mormon?"  

::Deer in the headlight look::

"uh........(gulp)............................ yes."

Long story short, I met a very nice gal named Stephanie, and we actually have quite a few people in common!  (Valerie... Rebecca.... among other guys who don't read my blog).  It was nice to chat w/ someone for a change! 

Stay tuned for pictures and stories from my cousin's wedding.... my grandpa's burial .... and a trip to the Plaza with my parents.  It's one of the places you don't want to miss if you ever make it to Kansas City!!

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