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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Building a mother in laws quarters part 2

Mike's been going up to the property here & there in the past month or so and building on.  Sine the last time I blogged about the trip, he's gotten more done!  He went twice since then -- taking Maddie one time (still need to blog about that since she took some great pictures), cleaning up brush & trimming trees, etc -- but here is his progress so far....

I went out of town last weekend, and while I was gone, I received three emails from him with pictures from his phone of the mother in laws quarters.  He said "make sure you make it known we're ready to go vertical -- which means to build up."  Which means that the framing will be done.  Yeah, in so many words, he told me all that.

So glad I have a husband to dumb things up for me when I just don't know what "going vertical" means!!  To be honest, I wouldn't have known what "going vertical" meant.... 


This is the after ....  he painted something on the wood to keep it from warping.  Not sure what it was that he put on it... Kilz? 


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  1. That's just so weird to think that someone I know is actually building a house. Cool!


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