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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Plaza ... in Kansas City

Kansas City is known for several things.  The first question I always get asked is "oh, Kansas?" and I have to respond with "no, Missouri".  It is true that Kansas City exists in both Missouri and Kansas -- but predominantly more in Missouri.

Kansas City is known for their BBQ!!  Hands down, they have the best BBQ ever!  If you travel through this city, a must stop place is a BBQ place:  Oklahoma Joe's, Smokehouse BBQ, Gates BBQ are a few great places.

We have the Royals (baseball team), the Chiefs (football team) -- and both are located right next to each other.  We have religious sites -- especially in Independence -- and of course, who can't forget our history lesson about Independence?  Gateway to the West!!

However, there is one spot in KC that is a must see.  The Plaza.  The Plaza is a beautiful area in which we claim to have the second most amount of fountains in the world (besides Rome).  The architecture is .. well, I'm not an architecture gal ... but so beautiful!  The expensive, trendy stores lie in the Plaza -- and you can take a carriage ride through the city and admire the sites.  On Thanksgiving, the entire city watches the Plaza light up, and you can see lights at night which make it ultra breathtaking.  Don't forget about the amazing places to eat .... Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Changs, Houstons are a few places to eat.  ALL are exceptionally delicious!

On my last day in KC, my parents asked if I wanted to go to the Plaza.  Uh.... YES!!  I love going to the Plaza.  For almost 2 years, I worked a block away from the Plaza before we moved to Texas.... it's a beautiful area.  So, we headed to the Plaza, with my camera attached to my hip.

Here are a few pictures of the buildings, fountains ..... and my parents. :)




This totally cracked me up ... a Doggie Bar?!!  A lot of stores had doggy bowls outside their stores because so many people bring their dogs to walk around ....

This also cracked me up too ... 
I think the boy is supposed to be peeing on the frog, but the water is going the opposite way!








It wasn't until we were walking to our car, that my mom pointed out to me that she never knew those vases on top of this next building had flowers in it!  Albeit ... metal flowers, but still flowers!  The detail is amazing!


and finally a picture of my parents when we were eating at Cheesecake Factory.  I highly recommend the BBQ Chicken salad for anyone who's interested.... very yummy!



  1. We've only been to KC once, and our hosts didn't say a thing about the Plaza! Next time, for sure.


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