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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my daughter... the great actress

Yesterday I was at the computer when Katie came home from school.  I noticed immediately that her shirt was backwards, and her tag from her shirt was hanging out.

This was our conversation:

Me:  "Hi Katie!  Uh... did you know you have your shirt on backwards?"

Katie:  "huh?"  looks down at her shirt, then gasps

Me:  "Did you wear your shirt like that ALL day long?"

Katie:  "uh... yeah."  still in disbelief that she wore her shirt backwards

Me:  "do you even have friends to tell you that your shirt is on backwards?!!!"  silently thinking that my child has no friends

Katie:  "nope!  No one said a word!  Man!!  How embarrassing!!"  

several long seconds pass and I'm staring at her like she's from outer space.  My daughter... the blonde.

Katie:  starts laughing.... "mom, I knew it was backwards!"

Me:  "Seriously?  Well.. why would you do something like that?!"

Katie:  "oh, don't worry, I just changed my shirt from the front to the back on the bus b/c we were talking about that quote that was on my shirt -- my friends said to leave my shirt backwards and to see if you noticed"

Me:  "Katie, I notice everything...."

Katie:  "yep, you sure do!"

What killed me at this point was that she TOTALLY played her part perfectly.  Completely serious when she needed to be, laughing at the right time.  She's an actress, I'll tell ya!


  1. Bwahahaha!!! Katie is awesome and you can tell her I said so. If I could high five her right now I totally would. She just gave me the best laugh of the day.


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