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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July Bash part 4 -- THE END!

OK! Final post ... I think!

This is our last day there ... by now, the kids are TIRED of posing (except Zach.. always a smile on his face -- oh, and Seth)


I desperately tried to get them to laugh... I'm wondering if someone farted?  That'll make them laugh!


After we ate at the Italian Restaurant for the 3rd time (it's really good!) -- a storm came in and man was it windy!


Here is Katie & Seth ... he's such a cutie...  He tagged along w/ her when his thumb was too worn out to keep pushing the gas on his 4 wheeler!


Katie 'n Jersey .. she loved that dog!


Now this is Landon ... he's going to be adopted soon into the family.  Landon is such a sweet boy who has mental handicaps.  I love his smiles. :)  The family told us when we saw them, that his favorite friend in the whole wide world ... is Bob.  Bob... is the reflection of Landon in the mirror!  So, when we pass by a mirror, Landon runs up to the mirror and shouts "HI BOB!!"  It's a hilarious time, and he laughs along with us.  Here he is ... all of a sudden posing like a weight champion.  He talks to Bob every single time he sees himself in the mirror.. they have a conversation and all!!  So, next time you see yourself in the mirror, say "HI BOB!"


Finally... Gerri snapped this picture of Maddie riding her 4 wheeler... I love it!

IMG_3408 b&w

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  1. Whoo! What a fun vacation. Lot's of fun in the sun. Best way to spend a vacation if you are a kid.


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