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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Building a mother in laws quarters part 5

Mike went up a few times in June and got some more work done.  I have yet to blog about it -- but on one of the trips up there, he dug a big hole and placed a 1000 gallon septic tank in the ground. 



During that same weekend, Mike rolled his ankle pretty badly -- so was limited in what he could do (putting on the roof was out of the question).  So, he found a local roofer who did it very reasonably, and we now have a roof!  (probably cheaper to have someone else do it than pay the cost of medical expenses if he falls off the roof -- which his luck hasn't been all that great the last few times going up there.. falling down the stairs, rolling his ankle... ugh!).

We also were waiting very not patiently for the water to be hooked up to our lot.  We had to pay big mucho $$ for it to be bored (is that the right word?) under the road and hooked up to our lot.  But, we have water now!!!

This last 4th of July weekend we went back up on Thursday night and left Monday night, so he was able to get some work in (hobbling some on a sore and still swollen ankle).  We (and yes, I did help this time!!) applied Tyvek to the outside of the house.  Tyvek keeps the moisture off of the wood, and is a barrier between the siding that we will eventually place on the cabin and the sheathing (plywood).  Once we got the Tyvek on, Mike placed the two windows and doors in the house.  (for the record, I had to have Mike spell out Tyvek... what an odd word)


Now, I can't remember for the life of me the next process that needs to be done, but I know it starts with an S .... but we still have to close off the area between the roof and the wall.  SO, to keep the cool air inside, Mike added insulation in those areas so the cool air will stay inside for the time being.


Since it was in the 100+ degree weather, he placed a temporary window unit to start cooling the cabin down, at least until we can get the bigger unit in (which we did that next night..).


Mike's aunt & uncle & their 6 kids came to play during that time -- and his uncle helped him with putting the toilet in as well as the hotel type of air conditioner in the wall -- two sets of hands are faster than one set of hands!. 


Excuse the really bad unfocused pictures.... Mike had to wrap Tyvek around the bathroom so we can do our business in private... and I didn't have much room to take a picture.  PLUS, I was on manual -- which tells you I'm still not 100% there yet!


But!  We have a TOILET!!!  ::cue Hallelujah chorus::

Stay tuned for more pictures of our adventures w/ the other Nelson clan that weekend...


  1. I still so totally amazed at what an awesome builder your hubby is. This place is looking AMAZING!! I am seriously excited to see it finished.

  2. Looking good! I'm glad to see you have pickles and a TV, what else would you need to entertain??:) C you soon...

  3. wow, it is coming along.. ; )


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