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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

Right after we got back from the property (like literally.... 6 hours after we got home), we sent Katie off to our church's Girls Camp!  This is a 5 day long camp for girls ages 12-18 ... and it is THE event that all girls look forward to all year long.  Last year Katie went for the first time -- and I have to admit I was in tears sending her off AND picking her up.  This year -- no tears were shed by Momma.  I knew she'd have a blast.  They did kayaking (she fell in twice), swimming, crafts, archery, ate really yummy food, had devotionals, sang their hearts out (and Katie's voice went "bye-bye" on that Friday!).  They were supposed to go on a 5 mile hike, but down here in San Antonio -- it's boiling hot out, so they went for a 2 mile hike instead.  They all have a mailbox -- a place where people can place cards/letters, candy, little trinkets for each other.  Such a fun time for them!!

I took a few pictures before the girls left, and I sent w/ her a disposable camera so she could take pictures.  We got them developed after she came home on Saturday.  I'm so thankful for digital cameras now!!

You can see Katie in her element ..... as crazy as she gets w/ all these girls!   {{note all the girls rocking side ponytails ... FIVE of them!}}


This gal down here is Madison ... Madison and her family just moved into our ward about a month ago -- she & Katie became fast friends, but still very shy  -- however, you can see how they got wild & crazy.  Totally no shyness exists here anymore!


A picture of Katie in action... archery!


The cute redheaded girl on the left is Cassie!!   We love Cassie!  Followed by Madison & Katie...



Alex is on the left here -- she's a sweetheart as well.


More Katie 'n Madison....


I don't remember this gal's name ... Emily?  Maybe?  Not sure -- but Katie's hamming it up again for the camera.  The processing CVS did to the film made her eyes really pop out blue!



and here is what she looked like as soon as she got home:


I'm sure when Katie gets her voice back, I'll learn more about what went on...


  1. I miss girls camp! Looks like so much fun to be young and carefree again. (to actually take a nap--LOL).. Plus I love all the lake pics from your property, so cute. See you soon.


  2. Girls camp is always so much fun.. :)
    very cute pictures.


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