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Friday, July 8, 2011

Facts about Amy ... you may not have known

I hear all the time from my friends "wow!  I never knew that about you!"  ... so, why not turn it into a blog post?

1)  I love cherries as a fruit ... but I hate... HATE anything flavored cherries.  i.e. cherry slush (gag), cherry fruit snacks (gag, gag), cherry Twizzlers ... you get the point? 

2)  I've been using the same set of dishes since I've been married -- which is going on 14 1/2 years so far!!  LOVE this pattern == Filigree by Pfaltzgraff.

(image taken from Pfaltzgraff)
3)  I have been privileged to have traveled to wonderful places outside of the USA.  I've been to China, Hong Kong, Nova Scotia (in Canada), Bahamas, Puerto Vallarta, Turkey, Greece, Santorini, Crete, Instanbul (and a few other islands around that area... we took a Mediterranean cruise)  -- all before my 18th birthday.  However, a few years later after taking this cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, the cruise ship sank off the coast of Africa.  But, I haven't been to Hawaii yet.  :(

4)  I can't stand snakes -- but I will watch all the documentaries on snakes.  Mike constantly scares me as soon as the snake jumps for the camera.  Rotten guy....

5)  Because of my fear of snakes, when I walk anywhere that we're really in the outdoors, I refuse to look hard in the wilderness for fear I might see a snake.  Yesterday on our walk, Maddie pointed out a lot of things simply because she looks.  I fear looking....

6)  I take all these wonderful pictures of my family over the years, and never print any of them out.  Ever.  Sad....

7)  I can't stand tomatoes.  But, I love salsa & spaghetti sauce! 

8)  Speaking of food -- I don't really like to cook, but I'm told I'm really good at it!  It's not my favorite thing to do, but if my family has to eat, then I guess I have to cook == so might as well be good at it!

9)  This next one is a no brainer... I love Target.  Just walking in the doors of this store makes me happy.

10)  I've been stopped multiple times for speeding in my life == but I have never gotten a speeding ticket -- just warnings.  BUT!!... I did get a ticket for getting in an accident!  However, in my defense, I will say that rain and an oil patch was involved as well.....

11)  I love all those Storage shows on cable.  Storage Wars, Storage Hunters....  makes me want to go bid on someone's storage unit to see what I can find!  Pawn shop shows are addictive to me as well!

12)  I could eat pineapple all day long.  Even if it gave me sores in my mouth from eating them all day -- they are the best fruit on earth, I think. 

13)  Lemonberry slush at Sonic's is one of my favorite slushes of all time.   Yummmm!  Hello Happy Hour!

14)  My favorite ice cream of all time is chocolate ice cream w/ peanut butter in it.  Anything with those two ingredients is my favorite:  Reese's PB Cups (swoon!)....

15)  I had meningitis when I was 3 years old.  I have a 70% hearing loss in my left ear, and used to have a 90% loss in my right ear == but now it's probably down to nothing in that ear.  Because of my hearing impairment, I have an accent.  I get asked all the time "Are you from Boston?  New York?  England?" ... just last year, I had someone asked if I was from Australia.  Ha ha ha!  Sometimes... I go along w/ the fun and just reply "yes!!"  Why not?  Makes life more interesting!!


  1. I'm the opposite, I like cherry flavor, but not actual cherries. :)

    Have you seen Hardcore Pawn? It's the best! Half of it is bleeping, but it's awesome, there are so many crazies that come in there. I love those storage shows too. :)

  2. I so enjoyed learning more about you... And now I wish we lived closer.. I think we would be the best of friends.....
    Oh but I can't anything that has chocolate and peanut butter in it, together...

  3. This was such a fun blog post to read! Have I told you how much I love reading about your family and seeing pics??


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