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Thursday, September 18, 2008

{Attack of the Butterflies}

While driving to meet Mike for lunch yesterday, I happened to notice there were a TON of big brown bugs on the highway. They were running into my windshield at an alarming rate, and I couldn't help but notice this phenomenon as I really took a look around the highway, and saw these "bug" were everywhere.

It wasn't until I made a comment to Mike that there were a ton of bugs around where he was, that he said they were baby butterflies... snout butterflies. Once we started driving, we got close to a few of them, and they indeed were baby monarch butterflies. They were everywhere. Not sure if they just hatched, or if they are migrating, but they were beautiful in a sense that these were butterflies, but also a nuisance when it came to driving, and seeing their fragile bodies smash into my clean windshield. Ugh.... cleaning up bug goop is the worse.

I sat at the girls' school waiting for them to come out, and I noticed the butterflies were all going in one direction: east. Mike told me last week it was like a huge fog of brown while he was driving, it was that thick with butterflies. But yet, it was a beauty of its own, to be appreciated only in the eye of the beholder.

***ETA: they are not monarch butterflies. They're called snout butterflies, and according to the news who reported on this phenomena last night, it happens every few years, and it's a pain in the butt. They get in the grills of your A/C, the grills of your radiator, your car.... etc.


  1. How crazy. I dont think I have ever seen anything like that.

  2. Attacking butterflies huh? Next you'll be telling us about snakes and mosquitos---oh wait! You already did that! So I guess everything IS bigger in Texas--even the butterfly migration!


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