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Monday, September 15, 2008

{Help Save a Life}

A friend of mine posted about this subject a week ago, so I looked into this: Bone marrow donation. Usually registering as a bone marrow donor costs $56 (the cost is from the extensive research of matching up the donor with the recipient). Well, NASCAR is sponsoring a drive for bone marrow donors which means Sept.7-Sept 22 this process will be absolutely FREE!!

All you do, is go here and register, and they will send you a kit with a few cotton swabs to gather some cheek skin cells and send back to them, and then you are officially on the Bone Marrow Donation Registry list! Think how amazing it would be literally help SAVE someone's life - with you just doing a simple blood draw procedure?? Most of the doctors seem to do a normal blood transfusion by way of taking the marrow, but there are some cases in which they do take it out of your hip (the old way).

I've always wanted to help save a life... I'm big on donating blood when I can. I ordered my kit last week, (it was free), and I'm now sending back my samples from my cheek!

Care to join me in saving a life? You only have until the 22nd of September to order this kit for free. After that, it's roughly $57.00.


  1. Thats a pretty good idea. Ben and I used to donate plasma (not quite the same:)

  2. Hi Amy,

    It looks like you guys are doing great in San Antonio! Your house is super cute! I love the Paris bathroom. I have the same theme going on in our guest bath! I saw your comment on the Dallas aquarium and you should definitely check it out if you are coming to Dallas. It is so much fun for the entire family and all indoors. Give us a call when you are here!


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