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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

{Creating Clippies}

I had been wanting to make these ribbon covered clippies for a long time, but just kept forgetting about them. I went to Target to find a present for Presley's birthday, and in the baby section, there was a package of ribbon covered clippes for (get this...) $9.99!!! There were only four of them in the package!! I saw that, and decided "well, now's a good time to try to figure out how to do these things".

I bought a small package of the clippies, but later found out that Sally's has them for about 100 in a package for $5.36. I had bought them 12 in a package for $2.99 at Target (so don't do that route). I had hot glue at home, some ribbon (you have to use the 3/8" ribbon). I did buy some of those grip stuff that you use to lay down on your cabinets. I'm still waiting to hear from Marcie to see if they actually help the clippies stay in the hair. I just glued a small section of that on the top part of the clippies.

As soon as I make it to Hobby Lobby to buy some more ribbon, the girls want to try it out in their hair. I tried to find smaller clippies as I was thinking they may be too big for Presley's hair, but I couldn't find anything smaller than what I found.


  1. These are too cute ~ I love them!

  2. Presleys clips are way cute. They actually stay in her hair (until she pulls them out:)

  3. Very cute Amy! Do you love having time on your hands now to create and relax?? I'm a tad jealous.....


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