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Monday, September 22, 2008

{Primary Presentation}

Yesterday the girls had their Primary Presentation. For my family who may be a little clueless as to what this is, the primary in our church learns tons of songs and different gospel principles all through the year, and usually during September or October of each year, they "present" it to the family during Sacrament service. Since we had just started going to our new ward the previous week, and found out their primary presentation was the following weekend (yesterday).... we kind of freaked out.

Every ward does different songs (they have a guide of songs they can choose from, but some choose an extra song or two that may not be on the guide).... and that happened to us in our case. The girls didn't know several of the songs... EEKS! But, they did a pretty good job lip syncing along to the words, and making it *appear* they knew. This ward did a new song I had never heard of, by Steven Kapp Perry, called "Teach Me About the Temple", and it was beautiful!! Katie, sadly, left all the words in her scriptures, which were with me, so she had to "play along" as if she knew the words.

The funny part though... Katie volunteered at the Primary practice on Saturday to say "I am a Child of God" in spanish. OK.. we can practice that with Daddy over the weekend. So she practics it and practices it. So much Maddie and I can say it fluently now. Soy un nino de dios. Pretty easy, huh? Well, Katie had to say it twice on Sunday, in the beginning and at the end (there were about 6 languages spoken by kids to show that we are all children of God). First time she gets up there she misses a few words. The last time she gets up there instead of saying "dios" she said "dois", which sounds like "dos". So, I am a child of two, may be quite appropriate, but it wasn't what she was supposed to say. ha ha!

Saturday night we headed to the current property that Mike's at right now. It had the MOST amazing pool & setting around the pool. A HUGE room full of nice table and chairs, with a gorgeous grill. I was speechless... it was so awesome. They tell me Mike's new property will have that also, so I'm stoked! It was a bit cold that night, but the girls enjoyed themselves. I got bitten to death by mosquitos. One swelled up to the size of a nickel on my skin! Yikes! I kept an eye out for rattlesnakes... didn't see any, if you wanted to know.


  1. Poor little Katie:( One time I had to play a piano solo at a church activity (I was 12) and totally messed up!! So I know how she feels.

  2. haha, "I am a child of two" that's great. I always get choked up when I see my kids in the primary program! Sorry about the huge mosquito bite---ouch. Even those are bigger in TX!!


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