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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

{When sisters fight...}

What does a mother do when her daughters start fighting and bickering with each other? That's right, she puts them to work on chores they have to do together. Usually the end result is usually they're giggling at the end of their chore.... but in this case, it wasn't the end of chores for Maddie.

Madison also had to clean the bathroom, and when she was still griping after that was done, she had to clean her room. By herself. She finally got the point after her room was clean. "Quit yer griping & bellyaching!"

Why was she griping? Because she wanted to do that hard job Katie was doing ... which was mopping the floor (which wasn't part of the chore, Katie just volunteered to do it, which is MY most hated chore of all time, so heck yes! She can mop if she wants to!) I had to tell Madison next week she can mop. ::rolling eyes::


  1. Once my SIL made her kids (two boys) hold hands for a full hour because they were fighting. It worked, they stopped fighting! (For that day at least LOL)

    I like the idea of doing chores together, I have my kids do them separate because I can't stand to hear more fighting! But it might make a big difference if they have to work together.

  2. hahah, funny!! I think I would want them to fight more often. heck, why not get the whole house clean:)


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