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Thursday, October 9, 2008

{Dear Madison}

Dear Madison,

Mommy is SO proud of you for getting an invitation to the Kids' Cafe for being a Shining Star at school! That is so awesome! Your big sister was so in awe that you received this special honor, as she said this is reserved only for the students who are great listeners in school, and follow the teachers' instructions (why hasn't she gotten one yet?).

But, it truly saddens me that even though you are able to bring a guest with you, you don't want me to join you. :( You refuse to let Daddy come either! You actually stated you didn't want to enjoy this honor, and refused to go. Oh, my stubborn stubborn child. Please learn to enjoy life and not be so sensitive! No one is going to stare at you while you eat on stage!

I'm so happy you decided to invite Riley to eat with you. I guess if you won't let me be your guest, then the best person for this is a friend at school. Remember to choose the right and make good choices!!


1 comment:

  1. She is too funny. I guess she is at that stage where things are embarrassing.


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