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Monday, October 27, 2008

{What a great weekend}

Well, my parents just left San Antonio by plane about 20 minutes ago, and I am able to upload some pictures of our glorious weekend together. It was filled with food, food, and MORE food! We did go shopping one day, took a tour of the new grocery store (it is fabulous, let me tell you!), ate out a few times, watched 6 movies ... and had a relaxing time!

Wednesday night the girls and I picked them up at the airport. I had dinner (soup) waiting in the crockpot at home. Katie had gotten her spacers in just prior to the airport trip, so she was a little uncomfortable. We had dinner that night, and relaxed, unpacked and watched our usual TV shows that night.

Thursday morning after the girls left for school, Mom, Dad and I went to our new grocery store. It is an awesome store, and it took us over 1 1/2 hours to go through everything. Awesome place, let me tell you. I had NO clue brussel sprouts were grown on stalks. They were there, ON THE STALKS! NO kidding! Saw tons of veggies & fruits I had never seen before, so that was cool. Ate wonderful samples, saw tons of foods from all over the world... amazing. We unloaded all that stuff (this stuff was going to make our amazing dinners for the next few nights), ate breakfast (amazing muffins from the bakery), then headed to The Rim, a really nice shopping area close to our home. We went to Ulta for mom to buy her some Bare Minerals makeup, Ross' where Mom found the girls a new dress each, Target for something (did we even get anything there?, but who can resist a trip to Target? Not I!), TJ Maxx, and the amazing Home Goods store (LOVE that store!). We finished w/ a trip to the ice cream place: Cold Stone Creamery. Yumm!
Does he look bored or what?

That night we ate at Applebee's, then watched TV all night. I picked Mike up at the airport from his business trip. He was supposed to fly in at 10:05, but he was late. And he didn't call me. GRR! So, I went around and around and around the terminals until he did fly in.

Friday we enjoyed a trip to Sam's, and stocked up on milk, pancake mix, etc. Dad bought a huge beef tenderloin, so we had chateaubriand that night (well, can we call it that if it was done over a grill?). We had a yummy salad w/ strawberries, mozzarella cheese, and sugary pecans w/ a poppy seed dressing (I stole that idea from my friend Mandy, whose home we ate at the previous Sunday.. it was AMAZING!). I will share that recipe & pics in tomorrow's post. Watched movies all night long (and afternoon).
During this time, I introduced my parents to facebook... so that was fun!! :)

Saturday we just hung around the house. Found a great Mexican restaurant (FINALLY!) that we will definitely try again: Panchito's. Yummy! They also serve SO much food, that we realized we need to split a dish next time. They make their own flour tortillas, so they were yummy as well. Watched more movies that afternoon. (also saw High School Musical 3 too! the girls were thrilled!).

Sunday night we had our final huge dinner. A family favorite since I was a kid: Butter Yaki (I'm sure I butchered the spelling of that). Basically, it's stirfry that you cook in front of the family, and you have rice, and won tons on the side. The won tons are my favorite food of ALL times, and I always had the job of wrapping them up. This time, I was able to teach the girls how to do it, and they were able to help me! MIke did a great job frying the won tons, and cooking the stirfry on his awesome cooker outside. It was delish!!

We took a few pictures we took before they left. It was incredibly windy, and we didn't have time to take 50 pictures to see which one was best. My dad is saying in this picture "we had time the last 5 days to take a picture, and we waiting until the final 5 minutes before we leave to take pictures....." :D Yep dad, we sure did!

So sad to see them leave, but we had a wonderful time!!


  1. Amy you look great in all those pictures! It looks like you had a blast with your parents!! Love that you got to partake of sooo much yummy food!! (A little jealous too!)

  2. Ok, all I am doing is getting hungry reading your blog:) But let me tell you, thats a good thing with this pregnancy- I cant seem to eat anything. BTW your hair looks really pretty that long. I cant believe how much it grew since the wedding.


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