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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

{Parent Teacher Conferences}

Yesterday I had Parent Teacher conference meetings with both girls teachers. Katie tested kind of low on a Texas test they give all students in 3rd, 5th & 8th grade. It is VERY important that she eventually passes this test in 5th grade, to ensure she gets to move up to 6th grade. Her grades are mostly A’s & B’s, except for this test. It was a reading test (which she does extremely well at), but it was comprehension that they are tested on, and she has difficulty w/ comprehension. Which explains why sometimes she just doesn’t “get it” at some math & science. Her teachers have requested that we put her in a group that will tackle this problem (just a reading group, but her teacher basically makes them think about what they’re reading, and teaches them concepts to help them understand). They say that this will also greatly help her in math & science. So, I went ahead and put her in this group.

Maddie excels greatly at math. She is an average reader for her class. Her teacher did say that she is VERY sensitive, which we already knew, and quiet and very sweet. One funny story that her teacher shared about Maddie is that last week, she was helping another student. One little boy started making siren noises, and so she looked up, warned the boy, and finished. Then the siren noises started up again, this time w/ a second person joining in. She looked up again, told this boy to sit in the corner, and then some of the kids said “but Madison was doing it too!”. She said she kind of gasped inside herself, as this was so out of character for Madison (at this point, I was shocked as well). She said “Madison, did you make that noise as well?” Maddie replied “a little bit”. Her teacher said she was just dying of laughter inside b/c she was so happy Maddie was finally coming out of her shell a bit.

Katie woke up last night with extreme pain in her tooth. Her fillings fell out months ago, but her dentist didn’t want to refill them b/c he said her teeth were becoming lose, and it would just be throwing money down the hole if we filled them, only for her to lose her tooth (teeth) shortly after. Well, we should’ve ignored him b/c so far she hasn’t lost either tooth. She woke me up at 2 a.m. last night in extreme pain, and so I gave her ibuprofen, which after 30 minutes still didn’t work. So, I gave her another one. After an hour, it still didn’t work, and we did warm salt water rinses, warm compresses, everything. Finally I remembered she had some Tylenol w/ codeine in it for her kidney stone pain “just in case”, so I gave that to her. Within 15 minutes the pain finally subsided and she was able to fall back asleep. She is very tired this morning (I let her sleep in 45 minutes longer than what she is used to), and I’m off to find a dentist to see what we can get done. Poor girl!

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  1. Poor Katie, tooth pain is the worst!! I bet the reading group will really help her. Its so hard when kids move to new schools, she will catch up in no time! Maddie is so funny making noises in class, hahah. I would have been shocked too.


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