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Thursday, October 16, 2008

{A few more pics}

Forgot to download these from my camera, but they were so cute NOT to post them!

This was one of the water rides... Maddie refused to go on this ride, but Ethan & Katie rode it several times. This is what Maddie did instead (here you can see all 3 kids getting soaked, and Ethan's running away from the water!).

Forgot I had another picture of sweet Emily smiling!
Poor Adam... he was just pooped out!

This picture was from a few weeks ago, and the boy is Mike's boss' son (Kaeden). We went to an antique fair, and the kids found a well with a dead fish in it (lovely!).... so they're trying to play with it via sticks.


  1. Those are funny, I really liked Adam in the car seat and the kids playing with the dead fish-- hahah:) Too cute.

  2. Who knew Texas was so fun!?? Glad you guys are having a good time there, although, we miss ya'll here in KC!!


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