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Thursday, October 2, 2008

{Tooth update}

Found a dentist that was able to take Katie after school.... and after an x-ray and an exam, she has to have THREE baby teeth pulled out. Two of the teeth had fillings that fell out, quite possibly b/c there were cavities that were still developing under the fillings, which made the fillings fall out. The third b/c it wasn't in good shape at all. So, we go in at 11 this morning to get the teeth pulled out, and she's being fitted for a spacer, which will be inserted in 3 weeks. Interestingly.... her canine is supposed to come in between 9-10 years old, and it's no where near the surface to coming in. Her next tooth isn't supposed to come in until she's 11-12, and it's the one that's very NEAR the surface. So, this is telling the dentist that her teeth has a mind of its own, and they aren't following the same time scale as the rest of the puberty stricken kids.

Funny story .... last night after dinner, she sat down and started wiggling her teeth. One of her loose teeth popped (it wasn't one of the three that needs to be pulled) and she pulled it out. So, now she'll have FOUR teeth, and on the same side to boot, that will be empty for awhile. Sad part, Maddie can't handle the sight of blood. Poor kid upchucked her dinner and dessert several times, then when she thought she was done, asked Katie to show her the empty socket again, and she puked AGAIN. I knew this about her though, so family, do NOT show her anything w/ blood!!

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  1. I hate going to the dentist. Mom always took me to get a milkshake afterwards and it seemed to make things better:o)


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