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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

{Just call her...}

Senator Katie N!!

That's right... yesterday Katie's class had to pick 3 judges and 4 Senators for the class, and Katie was *uh-hum* the ONLY girl picked to be a Senator (they voted, and she got the most votes out of all 4 Senators... YAY for Katie!). So, the Prez is a boy, Vice-Prez a boy, and three of the Senators are boys.... see a trend? They had their first meeting yesterday, and she said "all was good... all was good." I'm sure it was Katie! You were the ONLY girl there!

And sadly on Miss Maddie's side, she is now sporting a mini black eye. :( I decided to pull out the box of clothes that Katie outgrew years ago to see if anything would fit Maddie, and we took the pile of clothes to her room. She put on a skirt, which had a LONG belt on it, and it popped her in the eye, and now, well, it's swollen a bit and puffy, and this morning it's discolored. At least Halloween is coming up, so her Soccer Girl costume will match the black eye. :)

And news on moi? I joined (OK, I'll join tomorrow, I used the free pass today) an all woman's gym. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Hopefully I'll get (in the tone of a game show host) A BRAND NEW BODY!! I worked out 1 1/2 hours today, and I'm feeling it baby! Very sore... very sore. Tomorrow is pilates at 8:00, and my new treadmill friend Carmen said that is THE class to go to, so I will go! You can't beat a two year membership of only $19 a month plus tax. This month only it's a $25 enrollment fee vs the $125 enrollment fee!

And on to my final victory lap of the day... I managed to cancel our lousy Cricket broadband service. Talk about horrible service this company has. We called I don't know how many times to ask "why the heck is our broadband slower than dial-up?", and finally "give me my money back!!"... no one knows anything at that company. Fortunately, I went INTO the store today, only to be directed to the "corporate office", and after 45 minutes of THEM trying to get somewhere w/ my account, my account is FINALLY discontinued and I can send them back my broadband modem. Whew! They told me there should be a billing sticker I just place over my box that it came in... and guess what? It's not there. I don't remember ever getting one. Apparently there are laws & rules & regulations, and Cricket just doesn't follow any of them. Boooo on them! I'll lose my $35 activation fee, minus my shipping costs, but oh well... at least I'm DONE with Cricket!


  1. Yea for Katie!!! She seems to fit right in:) Poor little Maddi and the black eye-- sad! You tell maddi I got a black eye in 3rd grade (from a baseball) and had to be in a play with it:( And good for you, that gym sounds great! Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats to Senator Katie and her entourage of boys! :)


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