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Sunday, October 19, 2008

{the girl with a smile....}

Katie decided to run for Class President of her classroom. There are 8 girls, and I believe 12 or 15 boys in her class. Eight people ran for President. She wanted the phrase "the girl with a smile with go the extra mile" for her campaign. I made some snazzy posters up for her, and her campaign manager made some great posters as well for her. Her speech was on Friday, and sadly, out of the 3 girls who ran for President, NONE of them made it to the final three. Katie did get the most votes out of all girls though. :( She was very disappointed that since there were more boys than girls, the boys were easily the ones who made it to the final three. Oh, the joys of elementary school!!

Miss K also decided she wanted to grow up a bit. She has been begging her father and me for a while to get her hair cut. Daddy loves long hair, and immediately it was "no!!". Then it was "OK, give me a GOOD reason why you want to cut your hair", and she would fail each time to come up with a good reason. I wanted to tell her so badly "girl, just use your brains and tell him 'because I want to get a more grown up look because I'm growing up Daddy!'"..... and instead she says "ummm... because I want to?" or "ummm.... because all the girls in my class has their hair cut short". Ding ding ding! Wrong answer!! So, after a week of going around and around, she finally got her hair cut yesterday. She does have a more grown up look about herself. It's still long though, she only got about 3 1/2 - 4 inches cut off. ::giggling:: Course, she thinks it's all the difference in the world.

Pics to follow soon when I think of taking them....


  1. Class president huh? She's already aspiring to great heights!! AND she's growing up too fast! Can't wait to see pics of the hair 'cut'

  2. Good for her! At least you know she is fitting in-- that didn't take any time at all:) I can't wait to see the pics of the new hair. You tell Katie- Aunt Marcie LOVES short hair!!

  3. I like her phrase! She can't feel bad about it, it sounds like she did better then the other girls. She should try next year! And I bet she looks like a doll with her haircut. I've missed you lately on MC.....maybe neither one of us are posting as much as we used to :)

  4. Way to go Katie!

    Love her slogan.

    You are such an awesome mom.


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