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Sunday, November 30, 2008

{Birthday party pics}

Trying to play catch up with stuff that's been happening lately.

Maddie had her birthday party a few days after her birthday. Papa & Grandma came down from KC to enjoy it with us, and to follow us to Dallas for Thanksgiving.

Madison had 2 friends over, and Katie invited a friend as well. I didn't plan a single darn thing. Oh, I got pizza and made Maddie's favorite chocolate cake, but that was it.

Maddie's hair is too long... she finally got her hair cut a few days later. :)

I put on Karaoke, and the girls went at it for one song (Celebration), and Katie and her friend Darcy went crazy with it after the little girls left.

One of the girls' mom said the next day "Tressa came home and said it was the funnest birthday party she'd ever been to".... so, if you want to throw a great birthday party, DON'T plan a single darn thing! They'll create their own fun!


  1. Love the party idea, I'm totally going to copy it! Reese's birthday is this Friday and I had no idea what to do! Thanks for the inspiration! LOL.
    Looks like the girls had a ton of fun, and yes, Maddi's hair is soooo long!! I love it!

  2. I can't believe maddie is old enough to wear that vest. I remember buying it for one of Katie's birthdays :o)

  3. I just realized that she's opening the clothes that I sent for her birthday! I guess the girls already know what they are going to get from me :o)


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