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Sunday, November 30, 2008

{Happy Belated Turkey Day!}

We just came home from Tiffany & Dan's home.... Mike's sister & BIL. We left EARLY in the morning Wednesday (4:30 a.m.) to make a 4 1/2 hour trip to Dallas. Why did we leave so early you ask? Because all the college kids in Austin also leave on Wednesday, causing major traffic jams in Austin that lasts for hours. So, we leave early in the morning. Mike gets lost in Dallas, and we end up somewhere we're not supposed to be. He's driving his mom while I'm driving our vehicle. I have a 7 year old in the back who is about to be carsick, complaining of a headache. Ugh! We finally arrive at our destination, tired but happy to be out of the car!

We had a fantastic time. We ate great food, watched tons of movies, giggled like a teenager with Tiffany at Twilight late at night.... shopped, went and had a pedicure done on Friday night, bought some chick flicks that I have been dying to have for months at Target for their major movie sale.

Tiffany made the best rolls in the entire world... it was AMAZING (Tiff, email me that recipe!). Thursday morning came and she said "Amy, help me pull this thing off (it was a plastic thing on the turkey)". What do I do? Instead of being a great SIL and help her pull the thing off, I said "hold on, this is a great picture for my blog". She got it off herself.
Maddie just HAD to have the turkey leg. Why? I dunno.... but she took one bite out of it and gave it back to me.

Mike & the guys took Katie with them to a shooting range on Saturday afternoon. The girl can shoot to our amazement! Mike's chalking it up to his genes, and I'm chalking it up to my genes. I can shoot too.... I won the best girl shooter for summer camp @ SEP when I was 15! I'll have to take a picture of her target.... she hit a ton in the 1's and 2's range! If you turn it sideways, it has the form of a K.. for Katie! Smart girl! Looks like Mike found his hunting partner!


  1. Fun, so did you go see Twilight?? I saw it and it was good, but not near as good as the book:( Edward is still hot though!!! Sounds like you guys had a good time, I'm sad I missed out AGAIN:(

  2. Next time all pictures of me have to be taken after I've showered and dressed. :o) We loved having you guys!!


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