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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

{Happy Birthday Maddie Rose!}

Seven years ago, I gave birth to my youngest.... a beautiful baby girl. I had to be induced because I was 10 days over my original due date. Oh, I was so miserable.... and so big. The doctor said "let's induce her on a Monday... so you can be home in time for Thanksgiving." That was the first Thanksgiving that I was excluded from bringing anything. :)

Six thirty a.m. Mike and I checked into the hospital. I changed into those ugly hospital gowns. The doctor came in at 7:30 to break my water, and to give me pitocin. He couldn't break through the sac (no wonder she was late!), so he put a wire through the sac which was stuck on Maddie's head, and I slowly leaked all morning long. My dad came in with donuts for us, but I couldn't have any... :( The pain slowly started getting worse and worse. Mike & my dad tried to massage me as much as I would allow. They had to constantly remind me to breathe when I held my breathe through the contractions. Finally it was pretty unbearable, that I asked the nurse for an epidural. I do not have a problem with pain meds. I love pain medicine! Anything to make my life easier I'm all for! Shortly after that was given to me, it was time to push, and it didn't take long. I am a living, easy breezy birthing machine. I have the hips to pop those suckers out!

Madison & my grandma

At 10:38 a.m., Madison Rose was born. She was a little chunky at 8 lbs 3 oz... 2 pounds more than what Katie was when she was born. It was love at first sight. My dad had gone to call my grandparents and mom to let them know I was pushing, so they were on the way to the hospital, and were there before I knew it. The first thing I asked for as soon as they cleaned me up? A DONUT! I was starving!

sweet sisters

My mother in law brought Katie up shortly after, and Madison had a few presents for her. :) It made the transition to "big sis" a lot easier. Katie has proven to be the best biggest sister Madison could ever hope for. She's so patient with her, so loving.... even today!

Yes, Madison keeps us on our toes. From throwing spaghetti all over the walls and ceilings when I stepped away for 10 seconds, to emptying the salt shaker all over the table, and playing in the mud, and pulling all my flowers out of their flower pots ... and when she got into the lotion in her crib... she always makes life interesting for us. She is a quiet little stinker, and when she was little, if she was quiet for too long, you knew she was up to no good. She loves to listen to music, and would bop along quietly. She loved to jabber, and would always talk to us in "Maddie" language. We would have no clue what she was telling us, but it was fun interacting with her! Maddie loves the camera, and you can easily tell in these pictures the amazing smile in her eyes, and she always says "CHEESE".

We love our Maddie Rose!! Happy Birthday sweetie!


  1. Oh, she is so adorable! I know I have told you before, my best friend has a Madelyn Rose! Hope she has a great day today!

  2. Yay! Happy birthday! It's my birthday today too and if I'm half as cute as Maddie is I'd be happy to be her twin! Except how I'm older... and stuff. ;)

  3. Oh sweet post! What an adorable baby she was!! Tell her we miss her and are thinking of her today!!

  4. You just about brought me to tears! I think its the pregnancy making me emotional any time I read about someone elses birth. We LOVE you Madi, you are the cutest! Enjoy your B-day:)

  5. Happy Birthday Maddie! Ethan and Adam can't stop asking when the girls are going to be here. I'm sending Maddie's present with mom, so she will have it for her Party! We love and miss you guys !!

  6. What a sweet story!! Happy Birthday Maddie! She's a doll, like her mom and sis!!

  7. Aww Happy Birthday Maddie!

    She is such a beautiful little girls!! I hope she had a great birthday!!

  8. Such a cutie! Happy Birthday, Maddie!

  9. I hope Madelyn had a wonderful day. She is such a beautirul girl.

  10. what a cutie! they grow up too fast, don't they?

  11. She is so cute and looks SO small in her first picture, I couldn't believe she was over 8 lbs!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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