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Sunday, November 30, 2008

{Sea World with Grandma}

Mike's mom came with the girls & I to Sea World on Tuesday. We enjoyed a wonderful warm day of around 70's of weather. Sadly, there were only about 4 shows that we could enjoy, so we hit the Shamu show first... it truly is one of our favorites!!

Towards the end of the day on our way out of the park, we discovered the dolphin cove!! What a great place to be! I think we could've easily stayed there for hours. I got some great pictures of the dolphins up close, and Maddie went to town trying to pet them and gain their attention. She had a wonderful time... this from a little girl who is scared to death of all things furry (like Barney, clowns, Arthur, etc).

Maddie & Katie both wanted to go on water rides, but it was SO cold for those type of rides! I finally agreed to the log ride, and we left Grandma on a bench and walked to the log ride. Got a tad bit wet there, and went to enjoy a 4D movie of the Polar Express shortened to 18 minutes worth of a movie, complete w/ snowflakes falling down during the movie. Very impressive! I am so easily entertained!


  1. Awesome weekend you guys had! Sea World is such a fun place, I also LOVE the Shamu show! So are you coming to KC for Christmas???

  2. So much fun-- I miss out on everything:( I cant beleive I lived in TX for 5 years and never went to Seaworld!

  3. Oh what a great day and pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    I so love Dolphines. I was able to swim with them last year. Oh that was the best.
    Oh how fun to see the 4D movie of the Polar Express.

  4. I'm glad you had a great time! I'm also glad you got to use your tickets again :o) Did you go home as tired as you did when we were there?


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