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Saturday, November 15, 2008

{Nobody messes w/ Miss M}

Yesterday Madison's friend came over for a second. Her mom picked up a book to read. She and I got to talking, and so I instructed the kids to get some sidewalk chalk and draw on the driveway so they wouldn't run out in the street.

The little Dennis the Menace in action

Maddie, Lilly, her little brother (aka Dennis the Menace) & Katie all drew all over the driveway. They even drew outlines of their body as well. Lilly's little brother Jacob was really antagonizing the girls.... and Madison finally had enough. She went over to Jacob's body outline, added a few body parts (boobs, bra & underwear). Poor Jacob went to pieces, and cried his heart out. His mom & I laughed so hard... it was truly hilarious.

Jacob as a sidewalk body .... complete with boobs (or it might be a bra) & underwear & a belly button!

He left her alone after that. Maddie makes it clear.... Mess with Madison and you get boobs on your sidewalk body. :D

Katie cleans up all evidence


  1. Ha! Nice drawing! Way to go spraying that off, Maddie. :)

    Amy, thanks SO much for that recipe. My mouth watered just reading it. I think I might make this Thanksgiving morning - yummmmm. Thank you again!!!

  2. That's so funny, btw, is Maddie totally flipping the bird in a halloween pic a few posts back! lol. Hilarious.

  3. That is too funny. She is no longer shy Maddie:)


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