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Monday, November 17, 2008

{Danger on the Hiking Trail?}

A few weeks ago my friend Mandi organized a group called Mormons in Motion. We go to this park once a week and hike one of the paved trails. It's a steep incline in some places, but a great workout. At the top of this hike is a tower that oversees all of San Antonio... breaktaking!

This past Saturday the girls & I wanted to try a new trail. We decided to go the longest trail there was in this park. It was about 2.43 miles long, and goes on the outside of the park. We start walking. After walking for about 3-5 minutes, we approach this sign that says in big letters:

You may encounter the following:
Mountain Lions
(some kind of) Hogs
If you are approached by a mountain lion, please call ______.
(gasp! I might be dead if I was approached by a mountain lion!)
I read it outloud for Madison. After I got done reading it, we all took a second (in silence) to look at the upcoming trail, which was out in the open. Imagining there were mountain lions just waiting for us, or wild hogs just waiting to chase us... or snakes that were waiting to rattle their tails at us.
Without missing a beat and saying a word, we turned around at the EXACT same time, and went back to the trail. It was SO hilarious... like we planned it! Finally after a moment of silence, Katie said "I don't think it would be wise to go on that trail if those animals in there".
Boy, we're chickens! I didn't even think that the trail we usually go on is connected to the same trail that has those animals as a warning! **duh** So, someday, we will attempt it, but we will keep an eye out for those dangerous animals. Oh, yes, we will!


  1. Shudder, I think I might have cried. Rattlesnakes and Mountain Lions, my 2 greatest fears! Yuck.

  2. yikes, i wouldve turned around too!

  3. oh my! I would of turned back and RAN all the way to my car.

  4. Crazy, that kind of ruined the day. Sad:( Maybe you could take Mike with a gun next time. I'm sure he would love to shoot something:)

  5. Oh my gosh. No way would I have hiked that trail either!

  6. Bok! Bok! I admit, so scary! I read 'Mormons in Motions' and thought of myself at the buffett line..:)

  7. That's scary and funny all at the same time. Imagine how much motion you'd all have had if you'd seen anything.

  8. what? glad i didn't take THAT trail! welcome to Texas!


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