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Friday, November 14, 2008

{It's a Goody thing}

I know if you have a daughter (or daughters in my case), you have a ton of hair stuff lying around (at least we do). My girls are constantly losing their ponytail holders for their hair!

I saw this on another website, a coupon from Goody hair stuff that's $2.00 off! I printed off two, and used them at Walmart & Target yesterday. It has to be used on "Ouchless" stuff. The package of 17 bands were $2.19, so you end up paying 19 cents for a package of holders. They print out great, and the stores were able to scan them fine (I'm sure if you go to Walmart and do the "check out yourself" feature, you could use as many coupons as you wanted at a time).

If your girls are still babies, stock up... you can't beat 19 cents. :)

It's a GOOD thing!!


  1. What a great idea. I am so gonna do it:) Thanks for the tip!!

  2. We love those elastics! Thanks for the great and timely tip!!!


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