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Monday, February 23, 2009

{Burns dinner}

A few weeks ago my girls participated in the annual Robert Burns dinner that is held. All people who love their Scottish heritage generally dress up in their kilts and eat a traditional scottish meal (haggis). It's quite a night! I love it when the pipers play and the big drums are being .. what? banged? boomed? It's an exciting night!

I was very fortunate to find this Scottish dance group here in San Antonio. My girls are used to competing, but are no longer competing (due to a lack of a certified teacher), just dancing for enjoyment. I didn't take any pictures that night b/c I had my camera taking video of the girls dancing instead. You can view those on my facebook page under videos.

This is the first professional picture of them in their traditional outfits... I wished I would have done this with their old friends with whom they danced with for the past 4-5 years. :(

Both girls are dressed differently because they are still new to the group, and Katie wore her national dress, and Maddie wore Katie's kilt outfit. Course, I had to put suspenders under and hike it all the way up to her armpits, and constantly heard all night "this is making me look like I have a big fat belly Mom!".

They had a great night, and danced beautifully! Maddie danced the Sword Dance all by herself (got a standing ovation too and a ton of cat calls!), Katie danced the Seann Trius by herself, and another few dances with other dancers.


  1. how exciting for you girls to be able to perform at the Robert Burns dinner.
    The picture of them is great.

  2. This picture is great! It sounds like it was a fun evening for them. :)

  3. That's great that you were able to find a group for them to join. It looks like they're having a fun time.

    Pst....do you eat the Haggis? DO you like it?


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