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Saturday, February 21, 2009

{I'm SO clever!}

Katie loves to eat.... she eats more than I do (double at least), and sometimes eats as much as Mike does.
She hates vegetables. She won't eat her salad. She refuses to touch her veggies!
Until tonight!
A very clever idea came to me ::throwing head back & cackling wickedly:: tonight at the dinner table. Katie wanted another helping of ravioli. I thought & thought, and finally said "y'know... you can only have another helping of ravioli IF you take another helping of salad."
Will it work?
guess what?
She finally agreed!
Now I have my secret weapon of getting her to either a) not eat as much food b/c darn it, she eats more than she really needs to eat! or b) eat more veggies


  1. I use this all the time on my boys, but they always say...nevermind I'm done. I started adding vegetables to my recipes. My kids don't even know they're in there. The best cookbook for this is Deceptively Delicious, they even add veggies to cake and brownies (and yes its still good, I was a doubter).

  2. So how do you trick yourself to eat more veggies?? hahah:) I swear I dont want any right now and I have to force myself to eat them:(


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