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Thursday, February 19, 2009

{Say WHAT?}

It is mind boggling how difficult math can be.
Especially for elementary school kids now. I remember doing the stuff Katie is doing now, when I was in 8th grade! Not 5th grade!
Take this math problem. BOTH Mike & I couldn't figure it out, and Mike has a ton of math behind his belt!
Doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Can YOU figure it out?
The table shows what fraction of the animals on Mr. S's ranch are cattle, chickens, horses, & dogs.
Cattle Chicken Horses Dogs
66/100 26/100 3/100 5/100
(cattle is 66/100, chicken is 26/100, horses is 3/100 & dogs are 5/100)
What fraction of Mr. S's animals are chicken or horses??
Now, go solve & report back to me the answer.
and yes, I did write a letter to the teacher asking for the answer AND how she got her answer. ::looking around me:: Mike made me do it!


  1. I am just thankful for the internet. That is the only way i am able to help my children with their homework.

  2. I refer all math problems to Jeremy. When he gets off the phone I'll see what he has to say about this problem. My MIL teaches 5th grade and I'm pretty sure she said the stuff they teach now for 5th grade would have been at least 7th grade level back when I was in school.

  3. When Ambrose has some free time (soon) I'll ask him. (He carries a calculator around. You know, for math emergencies or when he just has to figure out some calculus or physics or something?????) Yep, I married a nerd. Gotta love him though, calculator and all.

  4. I guess I am confused by the last sentence (is it chicken AND horses) or (chicken OR horses??) But it is funny that about 5 people posted but really didn't answer you. If its AND then that one girl is right 29/100-- if its the other. I have no clue..:)

  5. The question reads "OR"... which is what threw Mike & I off as well. That's what we had too for an answer: 29/100, but the words OR is what didn't make any sense for us. LOL

  6. I love it, I tutor a lot of kids here in math and it is definitely different from when we were their ages. It seems to me that there was a misprint in the equation. I would have to agree on the 29/100.


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