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Sunday, February 1, 2009

{Things that make you go EEK!}

After church, I opened the girls bathroom cabinet to find something, and look what I found....


Got a good EEK! out of both me & Maddie....

Gotta love Texas.

Where everything is bigger in Texas.


  1. I love that you ran and got your camera! That thing would've been dead and in the toilet!

  2. That is exactly how Hawaii is. I hate those things soooo much!!!! I'm like the post above, I wouldn't have given any other thought then to kill it at first sight!

  3. You have to love texas!! We are currently have our house sprayed every 4 months, because I hate those things!! I have to admit, it keeps them away.

  4. EWWW!!! That gives me the willies, just looking at the picture!


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