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Saturday, February 7, 2009

{My daughter... the potential is great}

Last November we went to Dallas for Thanksgiving. While my SIL Tiffany, my MIL & I were enjoying our pedicures ~ y'know, doing girly things... my husband, BIL & FIL took the kids and went shopping (for car stuff, hunting stuff), fed them lunch (each kid had their own full sized bag of chocolates....) then later went to a shooting place. Mike took Katie with him. (I know... I was shocked as well)

When they came back home, Katie was so proud of her results of shooting, w/ a bullseye target! I told Mike "Aww... she takes after me!" to which he snorted and said "yeah right... she takes after ME!" I am still proud of my 2nd place status in SEP camp when I was 16 years old, when I shot many targets dead on w/ a similar shotgun.

Katie's so unique! If you turn the target upside down, it looks like a K was made w/ her shots! How's that for unique-ness?
Mike dreams of the day when Katie will sit in a deer stand or a tree with him waiting for a buck (or a doe). Course, she's already been deer hunting with him a few times, and she can handle it.


  1. I can shoot too, but no way in heck you are gonna get me to go hunting. I hate the thought of killing animals. But tell Katie good job with the skills and keep away from the deer stand-- hahah:)

  2. wow you have some amazing shooters her your family!!!!

  3. Great Job, Katie! Maybe a class is in order.

  4. She is a little Annie Oakley! :)

  5. Rock on Katie!! I've never shot a gun, but if she can do it, maybe I can try it out.


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