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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{Miss K & her fancy machine}

Well, the update on Katie is this: she'll live.

Last week K started getting sick. Well, we ALL were getting sick. Not sure if it was a cold or just allergies, but there was a lot of sneezing, coughing, sniffling going around. At the school, tons of kids are absent. Katie started in on her cough. She always is so sensitive when she gets sick as she just coughs her head off, and NOTHING will stop it. So, I kept her home Thursday & Friday b/c it was just so uncontrollable, and a deep cough. Saturday it's bad, and Sunday we stay home b/c it's still pretty bad. In fact, I try taking her to two different Urgent Cares to see about getting her more prednisone to stop it. After refusing to spent 5-6 hours in the Urgent Care, we decided to take her in the morning on Monday to the doctor instead.

So... Monday morning we get an early appointment. She did not have bronchitis or pneumonia (which is what her cough sounds like). Her allergies are apparently out of control (even though she doesn't have many symptoms). So, she gets started on a new breathing treatment w/ a nebulizer & 3 other new meds. One for a recurring ear infection (antibiotics), and another for prednisone (after the doctor on call said "absolutely not!" she wouldn't prescribe her prednisone b/c she just had it 3 weeks prior....::sigh:: it's the ONLY thing that gets her to stop), and a new one for Singulair & a higher dose of Advair. UGH!
Then, the doctor brought in a new Nebulizer for Katie. ::giggling:: It was a PANDA BEAR nebulizer! Ha ha! I didn't want to pay $100 for the machine, so I was going to wait to see what insurance was going to charge to rent it. We get home after running to Target for all the meds, and I looked up on craigslist and found a brand new nebulizer just like Katie's (but it was a penguin) ::giggling:: for only $25..... Poor Katie is just dying of embarrassment! Is it working? I dunno... a little, I think.


  1. So sorry about Miss Katie. I hope Katie feels better soon. Oh the Penguin nebulizer is so cute.:)

  2. Poor Katie! The look on her face is even cuter than the penguin. :)

  3. Poor thing, she looks miserable breathing into that thing. hahah, poor girl. You guys live in a bad place for alergies. I had them bad in Houston.

  4. Oh my gosh it's so cute! The poor girl looks completely miserable though. I hope all the medicine and the breathing treatments work for her so she can start feeling better really soon!

  5. oh poor katie! i hope she gets feeling better soon, especially for your trip!!

    she looks so thrilled in that photo to be using a penguin nebulizer....

  6. That stinks! I hope that she gets feeling better very soon. Finding a nebulizer on Craigslist is FABULOUS!

    Um, am I the only one who thinks that they should have placed the tube on the penguin in a different place?! Yes? Okay, just asking.


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